A change of season is definitely upon us

Summer never lasts forever. The fresh, brisk air of fall has arrived, leaves are beginning to change colour, and it’s time to start thinking about packing away your summer belongings.

If you’re struggling to find enough room to store all your summer items for the fall and winter season, self storage is the perfect space solution. A storage unit will help you stay organized and keep items that become idle out of the way till you need them again. Storing items in a self storage facility keeps them well preserved, and frees your home of unnecessary clutter.

From yard and gardening tools,

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Grown children gone but their belongings still hanging around?!

Oftentimes this is the case these days. The kids are now grown and have gone off to university, moved to their first apartment, or have even married, but much of their personal “stuff” is left behind.

In some cases the intention is that a lot of their valued personal items will eventually be moved to their new location, but can’t be relocated immediately. On the other hand, if your children’s belongings have been stored in your home for years, it’s likely they haven’t given these items much thought and aren’t all that sentimental about them after all.

What to do with all
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Maximize the storage space in your home this fall & winter

Hope you had a fabulous summer! Unfortunately another warm and sunny season is quickly coming to an end.

As fall approaches it’s time to think about properly storing all your seasonal belongings. You can maximize the space in your home by storing away all the items you won’t be needing over the colder months. From RVs, trailers, boats and recreational vehicles, to patio furniture, golf clubs, ATVs, bikes, canoes, kayaks and more.

Choice Storage has the perfect solution to keep all your indoor and outdoor possessions in tip-top condition. We offer very competitive prices for short or long-term storage. Units can be

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Are you overwhelmed by too much clutter in your home or office?

Do you feel embarrassed to have people drop by unannounced?

Everyone’s definition of and tolerance for clutter is different, but generally, having an overwhelming amount of “stuff” overloads the senses making it extremely difficult to get things done. This can leave you feeling drained, frustrated and super stressed.

Don’t feel bad though, it happens to the best of us. The accumulation of “clutter” just seems to grow ever larger over time if we don’t make a conscious effort to stay on top of it consistently.

If you’re ready to tackle your disorganized environment, Choice Storage can help. Self storage is the perfect

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