Grown children gone but their belongings still hanging around?!

Oftentimes this is the case these days. The kids are now grown and have gone off to university, moved to their first apartment, or have even married, but much of their personal “stuff” is left behind.

In some cases the intention is that a lot of their valued personal items will eventually be moved to their new location, but can’t be relocated immediately. On the other hand, if your children’s belongings have been stored in your home for years, it’s likely they haven’t given these items much thought and aren’t all that sentimental about them after all.

What to do with all these items left behind?!

This is a good time to consider storage outside the family home as a temporary resting place for all these things. Self storage units provide the perfect economical solution. Box up only the things that seem to have value and store them until the children can make some final decisions/relocate these items permanently.

Choice Storage self storage units are available in a wide range of sizes, and rental contracts cover both short and longer terms of storage. Give us a call at (403) 652-2552 for details. Our friendly staff are available to help.