Optimize Your Self Storage Space

How to optimize your self storage space game mode.

It can be somewhat daunting when faced with a certain amount of space and an overwhelming number of boxes to fit in that space.

If you’re one of those who has trouble visualizing here is a tip. Try to think about the old iconic game Tetris. Tetris was a game that was developed in the eighties and involved organizing falling squares into rows to fill up the screen.

Visualizing how you will set your boxes into your storage space can be a lot like the game. Start with a row of even

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What Size Storage Unit Do I Need

Choice-Storage-SolutionsHow do you determine how much space you need to store your goods.

If you have inherited a family members household goods or have suddenly become over stocked in your business you might want to know where you can store these extraneous items and as important, how much space will accommodate what you have.

The answer to both these questions is to call Choice Storage Solutions in Okotoks and get a quick honest quote and an accurate estimate on the size of storage unit you would need.

Indoor storage units are available in various sizes for household goods, commercial, business and recreational

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