It’s time to celebrate Canada Day

July 1st marks Canada Day, a celebration of unity, diversity, and national pride. Across the country, Canadians come together to honour our heritage, values, and achievements. From vibrant parades to breathtaking fireworks, it’s a day filled with joy and camaraderie, symbolizing the essence of the Great White North.

Are you planning any special activities for the holiday? Whatever you do, have fun celebrating Canada’s 157th birthday!

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Our Commitment to Storage Protection

At Choice Storage we go to great lengths to ensure that our facility is as secure as possible and take a personal interest in our customers’ peace of mind. Whether household self storage, business storage or auto/RV storage, short or long-term, the following security features help protect your belongings:

State of the Art Security

Cameras monitoring the entry and exit 24 hours a day.

  • Armed with 8 cameras that can zoom in on faces, license plates etc.
  • Requirement of photo ID
  • Records of trailer information such as plate numbers etc.
  • Plans to add cameras to the back yard

Secure Card Pass Entry

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Storage facilities can either be short- or long- term

We are flexible to suit your unique needs.

Indoor storage units can be rented by the month, for 6 months, or annually. Outdoor stalls are only available to rent for 3 or 6 months or for a year.

Renting space for shorter periods will be more expensive compared to renting for a year or more. For storage units rented for 6 months we offer a 5% discount. For annual rentals we offer a 10% discount. There is a 10% discount on stall rentals with an annual contract.

Storage unit fees are due on the 1st of the month. Stalls fees are due

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