Choice-Storage-Christmas-MovingIf you need an interim storage solution self storage is perfect for these kinds of situations.

While preparing for a move, there may be a need to get some items out of your way. Self storage is an excellent and convenient way to create more space and is a smart option when it comes to getting rid of clutter. It will give you the time, space and peace of mind you need NOW, and when you’re ready post-holiday season you can deal with the details of overhauling and streamlining your belongings.

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Pre-planning and good organization is definitely the key to getting the most benefit out of your self storage experience. Whether you will need access to your belongings on a regular basis while in storage or not, it is critical to consider the size of unit you will need and plan your storage space layout thoroughly.

For people who need to access to their belongings, review the pricing and think about a slightly larger unit so you can stack your items along either wall, leaving a path through the middle of the unit to walk down to locate and collect the box(es) you

Choice Storage offers easy-to-access self storage units at competitive and affordable pricing. We are conveniently located just 20 minutes south of Calgary. Book your space today by calling (403) 652-2552.


5 x 1080.95457.14871.43
10 x 10123.81704.761338.10
10 x 20166.67947.621800.00
10 x 30209.521190.482261.90
High Cube Sea Can 8 x 20152.38866.671647.62
High Cube Sea Can 8 x 40252.381428.572714.29

Access Card Pass15.00 +GST
Damage Deposit25.00 (Flat Rate)


We all dream of getting out of the cold Calgary winter from time to time, but lucky you, you’re actually planning to spend the new few months not too far from the beaches! Imagine, an entire winter to explore, experience, and connect with nature in the sunny south. Nice.

An Affordable Storage Solution

If you’ve decided to spend an extended period of time outside of Canada and you want to save on rent while you’re away why not simply store your personal belongings?! A rental storage unit is much cheaper than renting an apartment or house you won’t see for a while.