What Size Storage Unit Do I Need

Choice-Storage-SolutionsHow do you determine how much space you need to store your goods.

If you have inherited a family members household goods or have suddenly become over stocked in your business you might want to know where you can store these extraneous items and as important, how much space will accommodate what you have.

The answer to both these questions is to call Choice Storage Solutions in Okotoks and get a quick honest quote and an accurate estimate on the size of storage unit you would need.

Indoor storage units are available in various sizes for household goods, commercial, business and recreational

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Need Room for Inherited Antiques or Furniture?

Choice-Storage-Solutions-Inheritance-ManagementChoice Storage Solutions is the perfect place to store all your family memories.

Many family inheritances come with a truckload of furniture and antiques, including vehicles, and you find yourself with nowhere to store them. Maybe you need time to make space in your home to fit it all in, or you can’t keep all of it and are thinking of selling to a dealer, considering an estate auction, or even considering donation. It could be awhile until you finalize your decisions and are able to make any of that happen.

In the meantime, while you’re getting organized, Choice Storage Solutions has

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