Undergoing a renovation or remodelling project?

If you’re looking at options for storing your furniture and belongings while undergoing a renovation, a remodelling project, or simply refinishing your floors, self-storage is a convenient option that offers peace of mind. Each storage unit is effectively a self-contained, rentable spare room at a time you really need one!

Self-storage is not only ideal for protecting your belongings from the dust and debris of a home improvement project, but will keep them safe and out of the way, allowing the renovators to go through the house unimpeded and unworried about damaging your property. Any items that would be in the room of the renovation, in the transit area, or in any room that needs to be converted to other uses during the project should be stored. Removing your belongings would just make it easier all round, not to mention help to get the job done more quickly and efficiently.

At Choice Storage Solutions our units are safe, secure and accessible. Units can be rented by the month, for 6 months or annually. You won’t pay for more storage than you need to.

Give us a call us at 403-652-2552 for help and advice about renting a storage unit. We’d be happy to be of service!