Renters’ Obligations & Responsibilities

When renting self storage units there are a number of obligations and responsibilities that you must be aware of as a renter. Here’s a list of our top 10:

1. Most importantly you must follow the guidelines set out in your contract with Choice Storage. These guidelines will be reviewed with you when you sign the agreement.

2. You must make your monthly rental payments on time.

3. You need to notify Choice Storage if you have any changes to your account information (address, phone number, credit card info, etc.)

4. It is the your responsibility to have your personal belongings and stored items insured. Check with your Insurance Agent.

5. If you lose your access card or key to your storage unit, report the access card to Choice Storage immediately so it can be deactivated.

6. You are responsible for the activity on your access card, but Choice Storage should be made aware of anyone you have authorized to have access to your unit or space.

7. It is important to maintain cleanliness in and out of your unit.

8. Be respectful of other tenants and Choice Storage employees.

9. Never store any contents that are perishable, flammable or illegal!!

10. You must give proper notice if you want to move out of the unit. Notice must be provided at least 2 weeks in advance by calling the office or emailing. Be reminded that the last month of rental is always a full month and is not pro-rated.

For more information or for assistance in choosing the right storage unit for your very unique needs, call us at (403) 652-2552.