Nothing like a satisfied customer!

The greatest compliment you can get is a testimonial about how a client appreciated your service. One of our clients shared his thoughts and experience with Choice Storage in the following testimonial.

“I have been storing my units at Choice Storage Solutions for some time. Actually, I have been there as long as the new owners. Each time I show up with a new unit Diane and Chuck go out of their way to find me a spot. Each time I stop in the office it is like visiting with friends. This is one of the better laid out storage lots that I have seen to say nothing about the storage fee. You don’t get a better dollar for your buck. Diane and Chuck are super to deal with and give a person a secure place to store your camping unit. You can sleep at night with your unit at Choice Storage Solutions. You and your staff are super! 5 stars out of 5.” — Al C.

If you’re looking for a trusted self storage facility, look no further! Choice Storage offers a clean, safe storage facility with consistent, fair, gimmick-free pricing. Call (403) 652-2552 to discuss your storage needs. We look forward to being of service.