Don’t wait ’til fall, do it now!

There are still many warm days of summer ahead but it sure seems like they go by faster and faster every year. There’s never enough time to clean out all that extraneous stuff in your garage that just continues to accumulate no matter how good your intentions.

Be proactive this summer and make plans for all that “stuff” that just keeps piling up, that you’re not yet ready to dispose of. Don’t wait for the pre-winter time crunch. Be pro-active and make space for the car before the weather changes!

If you need more space, temporary or otherwise, Choice Storage is the affordable alternative. Self storage is the quick, safe and easy way to empty that garage quickly to make room for what’s really important, a warm vehicle on those crisp mornings. Now doesn’t that sound like a practical solution.

For more information or for assistance in choosing the right storage unit for your very unique needs, call Choice Storage at (403) 652-2552.