Could your home-based business benefit from more storage space?

Even with the large number of small web-based business operated out of home offices, there are still many home-based businesses with more traditional roots. The word traditional in this sense means that the product or service being offered is not digital or virtual, but tangible. Plain and simple, you need more storage space for your paperwork, supplies and all that inventory!

Listed below are a few examples of businesses that may benefit from renting a storage unit:

Artist: You may start out with just an easel and some ideas, but what if those ideas become stacks of canvases that need a warm, dry place to be stored?

Caterer: This home-based business can quickly become a storage nightmare. Long tables for big events along with chairs and decorative pieces won’t leave a lot of room in the house once wedding season arrives. Why not invest in a self storage unit?

Gardener/Landscaper: What if your gardening hobby has turned into full-time employment? You’ve invested in riding lawnmowers, weed whackers, tillers, aerators and more. Unless the shed out back is going to keep this stuff safe and dry maybe a storage locker is the solution?

Professional Organizer/Stager: This is a big one. You will always have furniture and/or boxes either in transition while you’re in the process of decluttering before rearranging your client’s space, or in storage awaiting transfer when staging your next home for sale. The perfect solution – self storage.

The list could go on forever…

If you’ve run out of space in your home-based office, basement, garage, mud room, or even dining room, contact Choice Storage Solutions to discuss how self storage might be the perfect option for your unique storage needs.

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