Choose a facility that has good security measures in place

When selecting a storage facility, prioritizing security measures is paramount for safeguarding your belongings. It’s imperative to opt for a facility that not only boasts robust security but also maintains cleanliness and holds a reputable standing.

At Choice Storage, we prioritize your peace of mind with a comprehensive security framework:

  • 24/7 surveillance cameras meticulously monitor all points of entry and exit
  • Eight high-resolution cameras equipped to zoom in on crucial details such as faces and license plates
  • Strict adherence to Photo ID requirements ensures authorized access only
  • Detailed records of trailer information, including plate numbers, are meticulously maintained
  • Future plans include the installation of additional cameras to enhance security in the facility’s rear premises
  • Access codes further fortify our security protocols
  • And…we offer top-quality locks for purchase, adding an extra layer of protection

For all your storage needs, Choice Storage is your reliable partner. Reach out today at (403) 652-2552 and discover tailored storage solutions designed to meet your unique requirements.