Are you or someone you know moving this summer?

If you’re considering a move or know someone preparing for a move this summer, there may be an urgent need to get some items out of the way at least for the short term; a quick and easy interim storage solution. Self storage is perfect for these types of situations.

Self storage is an excellent and convenient way to create more space and is a smart option when it comes to getting organized for a move, especially if there are time constraints. Renting a storage unit will give you the time, space and peace of mind you need NOW, and when you’re ready post-move, you can take the time to deal with the details of overhauling and streamlining your belongings.

Choice Storage Solutions offers a wide range of clean and secure storage options. Storage units can be rented for 6 months at a time with a 5% discount. Annual rentals offer a 10% discount.

Book your storage rental unit today and save! Contact us at (403) 652-2552 for details.