Working from home permanently could be the new normal

The work-from-home trend has really taken off over these past several months during COVID-19 and may become the new norm. Has your office environment and employee work status changed with this new reality? Is your staff working remotely from home? Is there a chance these changes could be long term?

If you’re a business who has generally vacated your office premises, and are weighing the options and rethinking having staff work remotely on a permanent basis, you’ve likely discovered that you can significantly reduce your overhead costs by eliminating rental office space altogether.

If this is a decision you’ve made and you’re in a state of transition, self storage is a very practical option for reorganizing a small business and even storing office furniture and equipment short or long term.

Choice Storage offers storage units to meet every business need. If you’re not sure what size storage unit best fits your needs, call (403) 652-2552 today and talk to one of our friendly representatives.

Better yet, call us to arrange an appointment to drop by to have a look at the space our units offer. It will help you conceptualize how you can arrange your storage items and will give you a better idea of the flexibility a storage unit offers.