Unexpected move & need short-term storage?

There are many reasons why you might find yourself suddenly having to pull off a last minute move. Self storage is perfect for these types of situations.

Life can change on a dime and the challenge of a quick move can elicit stress and anxiety. Planning your move and deciding what will go with you and what you may have to return for later, may result in a need to store some belongings temporarily. Self storage is a smart and convenient option when time’s of the essence. It will not only give you the time and space you need NOW, but peace of mind until you’re in a position post-move to deal with the details of overhauling, streamlining, and relocating the rest of your belongings.

Take the stress out of a last minute move. Book your temporary storage rental unit today!

Choice Storage Solutions offers a wide range of clean and secure storage options. Storage units can be rented for 6 months at a time with a 5% discount. Annual rentals offer a 10% discount.

Contact us at (403) 652-2552 for details.