Things that should NEVER be stored in a self storage unit

You can store almost anything at Choice Storage Solutions as long as it’s not perishable, flammable or illegal. That said, while self storage is a safe and secure alternative for storing your belongings, there are many hazardous items which pose various risks that should NEVER be stored in a self storage facility.

As a rule, never store any of the following:

1. Fireworks, explosives, firearms, weapons or ammunition – these items are considered inherently dangerous.

2. Hazardous, combustible, flammable materials and liquids, toxic or radioactive goods, biological agents – gasoline, compressed gas, propane tanks, kerosene, motor oil, acid, grease, corrosives, fertilizer, paint, cleaners, chemicals all present a serious danger to the facility, fellow customers and stored belongings.

3. Gas canisters and aerosol cans – for barbeques or recreational vehicle use – these items are also considered essentially dangerous.

4. Animals, birds, fish or any other living creature – no really! There is no sunlight or oxygen source, and there can be extremes in temperature, not to mention that it wouldn’t be humane.

5. Important personal/lifelong documents – for obvious reasons, you always want to protect your personal information.

6. Cash or securities, coins, jewellery, precious stones, family antiques or heirlooms, fine art – just too valuable and irreplaceable.

7. Cherished family photos – if the unit is too humid, damp or wet the photos may stick together, leave water spots or even melt, ruining them forever.

8. Perishable items such as food or plants – food will spoil quicker and plants will not survive. They will also attract bugs, pests and rodents.

9. Goods illegally obtained, illegal items or illegal substances.

10. Garbage, waste or other items which do or could emit any fumes and bad odours.

Bottom line: Government laws and common sense determine what may be stored in self storage facilities. If you’re unsure, play it safe and speak with one of our experienced staff members at 403-652-2552.