Storing Your Motorcycle

Keeping your motorcycle warm and dry for winter.

Choice Storage Solutions Motorcycle StorageThere is still plenty of winter left here in sunny Alberta and if you leave your motorcycle out doors for the winter you might be in for a big surprise in the spring.

Even if you have a heavy duty tarp or bike specific bag for your motorcycle it can still get damaged by the harshness of winter conditions. Especially if you have it parked curb site on a busy street.

Your bike should always be covered whether inside or out but if out, salt and chrome exposure to ice can cause premature rusting.

When motorcycles sits for a long time, especially in – degree weather you risk a dead battery on next start up.

There is the depreciation in the value of a motorcycle that spends long cold winters outdoors.

Here is a winter point you may not be aware of. If you keep your motorcycle stored, as in a monitored and secure storage facility like Choice Storage Solutions, you might be eligible for a discount on your insurance.

Why not give us a call and find out more about the cost benefits of storing your motorcycle indoors for the winter.