Need a storage unit for a few months?

Life is full of ups & downs & can certainly be filled with unexpected surprises

Didn’t expect to be moving this summer, but the perfect opportunity presented itself? The problem is you have to move fast to accommodate the time between your closing/move-out date and the move-in date of your new home.

Temporary storage can give you that extra breathing room you need during this hectic time. A storage unit provides space to accommodate all your belongings, from small household items to large furnishings, and everything in between.

All you have to do is rent the unit size you think works best. If you end up needing more space, no problem we’ll accommodate that!

It can be hard to visualize just how much space you’ll need so if you’re really unsure, give us a quick shout. We’d be happy to help you calculate exactly how much storage space will work for your unique needs.

You can reach us at 403-652-2552 Monday – Saturday 10 am – 5 pm.