Make room for your vehicle in your garage this winter

Has our beautiful extended summery weather caused procrastination in putting away all those summer toys to make room in your garage for your vehicle over the winter?

If the answer’s yes, this past weekend’s (unpleasant!) downturn of temperatures and return of snow was likely a rude awakening — summer is really over, the cooler months are just ahead, and it’s definitely time to get busy making space.

If you find that’s the case in your garage, that is, space is sparse and you require more storage room, Choice Storage is the solution — convenient, flexible and hassle-free space right at your doorstep! From camping and swimming gear, to bicycles, water skis, and general sporting equipment, you name it, there’s enough to store in at least a 5 x 10 locker.

Get in touch today at (403) 652-2552. We look forward to discussing how you can get the most out of your self storage experience this winter season.