Key tips when moving, renovating or downsizing

Optimize your storage space & keep everything safe & sound

Whether you’re moving, renovating, downsizing, or simply need extra space for business supplies, proper planning is key. Here are a few tips to optimize your storage space and safeguard your belongings.

Firstly, opt for uniform box sizes, making stacking a breeze. Ensure boxes can handle 25-30 lbs and label them comprehensively for easy identification. Maintain an inventory list to track each item’s location within the unit.

Wrap fragile items securely in paper or bubble wrap, utilizing specialized packing systems for added protection. Label cords before disconnecting electronics to simplify reassembly.

Maximize floor space by storing furniture vertically and wrap pieces adequately for preservation. Bubble wrap table and chair legs, and cover cushions in plastic before stacking them atop sofas.

Avoid overloading boxes for easy handling. Use larger boxes for lighter items and smaller ones for heavier objects like electronics and books.

For further advice on packing and organizing, reach out to Choice Storage at (403) 652-2552. We’re here to help streamline your storage experience!