How to Store Your Car or SUV

Do either of these scenarios in the images below look familiar to you?

They are definitely no way to store your vehicle. If you want to keep your it from the ravages of our Canadian winters or the heat of the summer sun, this is not how to do it.

Leaving your vehicle out in the elements without protection leaves it open to damage not just from debris from passing cars or maintenance vehicles, but snow also contains many chemicals that are harmful to paint and metal because it absorbs them in the air and from sidewalk and street cleaning.

Covering your vehicle can help to protect it from some of these onslaughts but sun and rain can deteriorate the tarp leaching chemicals into the paint while leaving the under carriage exposed to the elements.

Choice Storage Solutions has a better way. Give us a call to find out how little it costs to house your vehicle in one of our safe, secure, dry storage containers. Keep all elements at bay and know that your vehicle is safe from vandalism and the elements.