Time to think of fall cleaning & reorganizing already?!

Hard to believe that another warm and sunny season is quickly coming to an end. Was certainly an interesting summer this year due to the pandemic, and despite not really doing too much of anything, or at least not all our usual summer activities, it still came and went really fast.

Fall, like spring, is an excellent time to do a deep cleaning and some reorganizing. The ideal time to put away all the things that are taking up space or won’t be needed over the fall and winter months. It will allow you to keep your home free of clutter while spending cherished family time hunkering down!

Choice Storage has the perfect solution to keep all your extraneous indoor and outdoor belongings in tip-top condition. Storage units can be rented at very competitive prices for 6 months at a time with a 5% discount or annually with a 10% discount.

To reserve your space now just give us a call at (403) 652-2552 or email choice@telus.net. We’d be happy to set you up with space to suit your family’s unique needs.